Sneak Peek Number 7

So how old is the oldest boat registered for this year’s festival?   Is it 35, or 50, or 75 years old?  Or is it none of the above.

The answer is 121 years old!  Yes, that’s right.  The year was 1895 and Teddy Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  The Spanish-American War had not yet been fought. That year, Warren Cole of Long Lake, NY built this  beautiful Adirondack Guideboat.


Built to take wealthy guests hunting and fishing in the wilderness, the Guideboats were hand-built of thin pine planking and spruce ribs.  Held together by 3,000 screws and 5,000 tacks, these lightweight craft were known for superior workmanship and performance. She weighs only 63 pounds and is driven by 8 foot oars.  Visit our festival to see and learn more about this historical treasure.