News Flash 4

Lighthouses and “Fiberglassics”

Seven boats have already registered for the pre-event cruise on Friday, August 11th.  The 2nd Annual Bay to Lake Lighthouse Cruise was new last year and gives visiting boaters a chance to exercise their classic craft, pose for a couple of great photo-ops, visit two of Door County’s finest lighthouses, have a terrific lunch at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club, tour the museum’s signature vessel the John Purves, and finally enjoy a cocktail reception in the museum at the end of the day.  And all of that is before the festival officially opens!  If you are planning to bring a boat, we have to have your registration prior to August 1st if you are planning to take part in the cruise.


As you know, we are encouraging great boats from the early days of fiberglass to attend the show.  These “Fiberglassics” are becoming very popular collector boats and there are many in Wisconsin.  The photos above show one, a Shell Lake Rocket, that we be with us in August.  It will be great to see these terrific designs once again.