News Flash 5

Great Weather Predicted

We just checked the long range forecast for the weekend of August 12th and it looks terrific.  Sunny, mild, a cool gentle breeze.    Check it out by clicking here.   So it’s safe to send in your reservations now.  So far, we have ten boats in our pre-event cruise on Friday with room for more.  If you want to be part of the cruise, let us know right away by emailing us at  The deadline is August 1st, but we may be able to accommodate late registrations if they are in ASAP.

For the Kids

You might get a kick out of seeing the toy tugboats and sailboats a dedicated group of volunteers have created for our Kids Boat Painting activity which will be located behind the museum next to the Sikaflex Challenge builders during the festival.  We supply the paint- the kids provide the talent.  We have a great fleet of these classic wooden vessels!

There are more great activities for kids at the festival, too.   Watch for more information.