2021 Sneak Peek 1

How’s this for a unique opportunity. Jeff and Renee Davies are bringing a 1949 Garform- one of the first “fiberglass” inboards to our festival in Sturgeon Bay. Here’s your chance to inspect what the future looked like in the middle of the 20th Century. This is special. Don’t miss it!

“This was a barn find!  After sitting for 50 years, we completely restored her back to original condition!  Built by Garwood jr. and designed by his father Garfield Wood, Garform was the first fiberglass inboard boat line built.  Actually at that time the fiberglass substance was called Nautolite.  This boat has aluminum frames, western red cedar inside and weighs less than 800 lbs.   Only a few exist with most being in museums.  We named her Garfield Jr. after the man who looked into the future and designed a boat unlike anything like it at that time.”

Thanks to Renee for the photos! What a beautiful boat.

Watch for more Sneak Peeks to come.