2021 Sneak Peek 2

1987 Switzer SS20-C 

Here’s a great fiberglass classic you may not have seen before. Born in Crystal Lake, Illinois this Switzer is a blast on the water. Come visit her at our Festival next month!

After a long search for a Switzer, her owner tells us a bit about finally finding the boat,

“Wow! A complete 1987 rig including original trailer, boat, and motor.  Motor has an hour meter, reads 325 hours – in 33 years!  Owned by the original family, an uncle had purchased it new in 1987.  It had been stored by him for 15 years, and then second owner, a nephew had also stored it several years.

Along with the boat, the owner package contains the original SCI (the group that bought the Switzer operation in 1982), build sheet, the transfer sheet from SCI to the dealer, the temporary warranty card from Mercury, the Owners and Warranty Manual for the motor, boat and trailer titles, 3 registration cards from the 1990’s, and other accessory literature.

I had a friend at Mercury run the Serial Number through their system. Motor was recalled in 1987 for a intake leak problem, repaired, and they haven’t seen it since.

Not original to the boat is the CD player and sound system.  There had been a radio in the same location, and the boat has a power antenna!

I did pull the fuel tank out and refinish it in the original cream paint, added a transom mounted trim switch, and recently pulled the axle and springs and rebuilt the suspension system with all new bushings, paint, and grease.

The motor came with a Mercury 24” pitch Chopper propeller, great top end prop, but nothing for cruising.  I had a 23” pitch round hub Laser that I had hammered a bunch of cup into for my son to run on his 1989 Checkmate Starflite/Merc 200.  That prop worked good on his boat but he is now running a newer 23” Tempest, which I am going to try yet this year.

The Switzer loves the hammered up Laser!  From 35 mph through 45, the prop and tachometer mimic each other – 3500 RPM is 35 MPH, 4000 is 40, and so on.  We cruise at 42 MPH/ 4200 RPM, the boat and motor have a sweet spot there. It does top out at almost 65 mph!”