Mark your Calendar Now


Here it comes!

August 12 and 13, 2017 with pre-event cruise/social on August 11, 2017.

It’s time to mark your calendar for the 27th Door County Classic and Wooden Boat Festival.  Join us in Sturgeon Bay on Saturday and Sunday, August 12 and 13, 2017 to enjoy a weekend of vintage and classic boating on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum.  Planning is well underway and it’s going to be a fun festival.

If you are considering bringing a boat, we have a special pre-event cruise scheduled for Friday, August 11th prior to the festival’s official opening.  It’s our second annual Bay to Lake Lighthouse Cruise.  If you join the fleet, the cruise will give you a chance to meet and socialize with your fellow boaters and take your boat out onto the water for some really good cruising and great photo-ops.

Watch this site for further announcements.


A List of Vessels


If you missed this year’s festival, you might wonder what kinds of vessels registered for our show.  It was a fascinating mix that ranged from an 8′ dingy to a 69′ tall ship.

Check out the list below.

1955 15′ Lyman Runabout
2008 17′ Sea Kayak
2005 17′ Canoe/Outrigger
2015 10′ Touring Kayak
1957 15′ Thompson Sea Coaster
1951 27′ Chris Craft Super Semi-enclosed Cruiser
1958 19′ Streblow Rebel
2015 19′ Glen L Torpedo
1963 14′ Amphicar
2012 17′ Outer Island Kayak
2015 18′ Voyageur Canoe
2006 17′ Rangely Lake Boat
2016 17′ Traveler Canoe
1969 16′ Steury V-416 Fiberglass
1918 30′ Leyore
1966 15′ Thompson
2009 19′ Oselver Faering
2013 15′ Marsh Cat
1947 17′ Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout
2015 17′ Penobscot 17
1967 22′ Chris Craft Sea Skiff Sportsman
20?? 10′ Lawton Tender
1960 10′ Saetre Combi-Jolle
1935 24′ Burger Crocker #159
1895 16′ Warren Cole Adirondack Guideboat
2003 18′ Redfish Return Kayak
2011 15′ Bear Mountain Hiawatha Canoe
1950 18′ Greavette DISPRO
2007 18′ Ted Moores Red Bird Canoe
1954 15′ Streblow
2003 15′ River Runner
1953 24′ Chris Craft Holiday
1941 11′ Dunphy Portage
1957 18′ Cruisers Inc 502 Vacationer
1957 19′ Lyman Islander Runabout
1950’s 14′ Jet 14 Racing Dingy
1959 17′ Cruisers Inc Commander
1963 36′ Chris Craft Roamer
1960 8′ El Toro Racing Dingy
1958 15′ Tomahawk Ski-Mate
1960 12′ Homebuilt Rowboat
2016 16′ Whitehall Pulling Boat

It Was A Great Festival


Mark your calendars now for next year’s festival, August 11 through 13, 2017!

We enjoyed great weather and big crowds at this year’s Classic and Wooden Boat Festival. 43 vessels were on hand for boating enthusiasts to enjoy.  Everything was here, from classic wooden fishing boats to canoes, kayaks, sailing vessels, to beautiful mahogany wooden runabouts. The Coast Guard offered tours of the museum’s 41 foot Coast Guard Cutter and encouraged kids of all ages to “save their ships” in the Damage Control Simulator.   Art lovers marveled at the original paintings and prints displayed in the museum- works by talented regional artists. The Kahlenberg Engine fired up providing a rarely experienced opportunity for fans of marine engines. The Chicago Fireboat and our tall ship, The Edith Becker  offered cruises. Visitors enjoyed delicious locally caught Whitefish sandwiches expertly fried and drank refreshingly cool beverages.  The Boathouse Sale offered “veteran” pieces of equipment for sale and anyone interested could buy a raffle ticket to win the museum’s newly built Whitehall pulling boat.  Visitors toured the museum amazed at Door County’s maritime history, and of course, spectators enjoyed watching the building, racing, and eventual destruction of entries in the Sikaflex Challenge Boatbuilding Contest.

Check out the galleries of photos from this year’s festival.

Last Minute Peek

Sportsmen and women all across Wisconsin will find some interesting craft at our festival this year.  Classic and wooden boating isn’t just about glorious varnished mahogany runabouts, it’s also about fishing and rowing and small boat sailing.  Take a look at this beautiful Dunphy.  It makes you want to spend some quiet lake time, doesn’t it?  See more like her this weekend in Sturgeon Bay.


Click here to learn more about this boat.

Sneak Peek Number 7

So how old is the oldest boat registered for this year’s festival?   Is it 35, or 50, or 75 years old?  Or is it none of the above.

The answer is 121 years old!  Yes, that’s right.  The year was 1895 and Teddy Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  The Spanish-American War had not yet been fought. That year, Warren Cole of Long Lake, NY built this  beautiful Adirondack Guideboat.


Built to take wealthy guests hunting and fishing in the wilderness, the Guideboats were hand-built of thin pine planking and spruce ribs.  Held together by 3,000 screws and 5,000 tacks, these lightweight craft were known for superior workmanship and performance. She weighs only 63 pounds and is driven by 8 foot oars.  Visit our festival to see and learn more about this historical treasure.

Sneak Peek Number 6

Wooden boatbuilding is not a dead skill.  Amateur boatbuilders are a work across the country and Wisconsin building kayaks, canoes, pulling boats, motor boats and sailboats. This year we have a number of terrific home-builds, from canoes and kayaks, to the terrific Glen L Torpedo, to these great sailboats.  These are not kits- they are boats built by hand from a set of plans and a pile of material.  Take a look at some of the latest registrants in our sailboat category.

Pictured above is Li’l Boat whose home port is Egg Harbor, WI.  A 15′ gaff-rigged cat boat designed by Joel White, the boat is strip built with 7/16 inch Atlantic White Cedar sheathed with epoxy and finished with mahogany brightwork.  The owners modified the plans somewhat, changing the outer stem, after deck, the wrap-around coaming, seats, and rudder.  They even cut all of the cedar strips themselves!  10 years in the building, she’s a beauty!

This is a Olsever Faering built from plans by Selway-Fisher, England.  It’s a traditional craft often seen along the west coast of Norway.  With two rowing stations allowing for four oars, the Faering (faer=four) carries a spritsail to make life easier.


A boatbuilder’s workshop.  This is a Penobscot 17 in the early stages of construction.  You see her here on a strongback assuring a fair and straight hull.  The Penobscot 17 was designed by Arch Davis and she’s a plywood lapstrake sailboat.  17′ long she weighs only 350 pounds.  Her owner completed her in July 2015 after working for roughly 18 months.  She’s built of Douglas fir, ash, Sitka spruce, mahogany, pine, okoume plywood and cherry.  The cherry, ash, and fir were harvested in east central Wisconsin. Very pretty.


Venetian Night News

SBYC Burgee-2

The Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club has invited boat festival registered participants to join their Venetian Night Parade, Saturday evening following the close of our festival.  The parade takes place just off the yacht club’s dock prior to the evening’s fireworks display.  Anyone interested should know the following:

Is pre-registration required?  If so, by when?   Yes, 7:00PM August 13th.  Anyone interested should contact SBYC directly via email or phone.  Call Terry Kortbein at 920 743-5503.  Email: 

Is there a fee to participate?   No

What time is the parade, and what time must the participants be ready to go?    8:30PM start (sunset is at 8:30) should be out front at 8:15. Subject to weather. Fireworks at 9:30.

Is there a theme? Not really,  but feel free to dress as Neptune , Nemo, or Sponge Bob if you like.

Don’t forget that many of the show participants will gather informally at the yacht club following the festival’s close to have a bite to eat, enjoy a cool beverage, and watch the parade and fireworks.  The SBYC is open to the public that evening.

Sneak Peek Number 5

How about these?  Do you know anything about a Kahlenberg engine?  Or how about a 1912 Leyare?  If you’re interested, visit us this August.

Kahlenberg is still in business, although no longer producing marine engines.  Built in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, these engines qualify as native Northeast Wisconsin products!  If you’ve never seen or heard one run, this is your chance.


And then there is the 1912 Leyare, a gorgeous boat with a racing heritage that reaches back to the beginning of the 20th century.  Built in upper New York state, Soo Long will be in the water and running this August.  Read more about Joseph Leyare’s boats here.

Sneak Peek Number 4

Global warming and rising seas will be no problem if you own a 1963 classic Amphicar.  We are thrilled to announce that a regular favorite of our festival, Surf and Turf will be back again this year.  You can not only look her over up close on shore, but she’ll be out on the water, too.  What fun!  The Amphicar has an interesting history that you can read about here.

Sneak Peek Number 3

Rebel 1

Our boat festival should celebrate Wisconsin’s boatbuilding heritage, so it’s good to know that Streblow Custom Boats will be represented.  Streblow has been building boats in Delavan, Wisconsin since 1954 and we’re lucky enough to have one of the earliest inboards coming to Sturgeon Bay this August. Here’s Rebel and she’s a beauty. For more information about the boat, click here.   For a link to Streblow Custom Boats, click here.

Sneak Peek Number 1

Registrations are beginning to arrive, so we can start to take a look at some of the boats that will be here in August.  Looks like we’ll have some really nice boats to visit!

The Glen L!

Madison 2015 Boat Show 007

For more information about this terrific  award-winning home built boat click here: The Torpedo.  Come and see her at the show!

Do you enjoy cedar strip built canoes and kayaks?  We have them, too.  Come and meet the builders.

IMG_2955 IMG_2957

Chris Craft lovers will really enjoy Chrysalis, a 1951 Super Deluxe Semi-enclosed Cruiser.  She’s 27 feet long and a real beauty.

Chrysalis 2

Small boat lovers will enjoy our Thompsons and Lymans.  Small outboards were very popular in the 1950’s and 60’s.


Check back again to see what else awaits you at this year’s show.

An Invitation

SBYC Burgee-2

The great folks at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club have extended an invitation to our show’s participants to take part in the Venetian Night parade Saturday evening at the end of our festival.  Anyone interested should contact SBYC directly via email or phone.  Call Terry Kortbein at 920 743-5503.  Email: